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You and Your Bed Linens:

The average person spends a third of their life in bed, so shouldn’t you treat your bed linens to the utmost care at Daisy Dry Cleaning & Laundry, where our highly trained staff will leave your bed linens looking and feeling like you were spending the night at Windsor Palace!?

We understand that our responsibility is not to just give you clean bedding, but to do our part to ensure that your linens maintain their ‘like new’ feel, look and scent, so you get a good night’s rest in beautiful and relaxing surroundings.

Here’s what happens when you put your linens in our hands:

First: Your linens are inspected by experienced laundry personnel, using unbleached cotton gloves, aprons and ultra violet lights.  They identify fibers, colors, trim, areas of wear and needed repairs.

After testing and sorting by fibers, colors, condition and delicacy of trim, your linens are laundered in accordance with our experts’ instructions. Lace trimmed or delicately embroidered pieces are processed in our exclusive protective net case that permits superb cleaning, but protects ornamentation from snags and other processing hazards.

Water temperatures are carefully monitored for the proper range (130 -140oF) to kill dust mites

and other micro-organisms, while still protecting the fabric and colors from high heat. Your bed linens are always shaken out and processed to avoid pilling and abrasion, and processed using gentle detergents, conditioners and anti-microbial’s that are specially formulated for us and absolutely chlorine free.

If your linens are stained or heavily soiled, they will be treated to our exclusive pre-soak

treatment, rather than subjecting them to higher water temperatures, more aggressive detergents or longer washing cycles often employed by commercial launderers. Chlorine bleach is shunned at all costs; it is too aggressive an agent, one that can weaken fibers, shorten their useful life, effect texture and/or change light reflectance.

Finally, all your bed sets will be treated to two final cold water rinses, leaving your sheets, pillow

cases, duvets, etc. soft and smooth to the touch. The cleaning and drying cylinders we use are designed to limit mechanical action, minimize spinning, maximize air flow, eliminate over drying and


prevent undue stress on fibers. Your fine linens are NEVER laundered in equipment with an

agitator, which would be the kiss of death since agitators can easily distort or damage delicate linens.  Finally, your linens are always pressed while slightly damp, then finger folded when completely dry.  They are returned to you beautifully packaged in sets, ready for reuse or storage.


Storing Your Linens

Your stored linens should be protected from splinters and stains from closet shelves using unbleached muslin or acid free paper. Experts recommend labeling shelves to help them stay organized. Do not leave closet lights burning in linen closets when the door is closed.

Protect stored linens from dust, dirt, air borne particulate and allergens with unbleached muslin or acid free paper.  Avoid plastic at all costs. Periodically open and refold linens that go unused for more than 100 days to prevent hard creases from forming.  Do not let scents and sachets come into direct contact with your linens.  Bring stained linens in for hand laundering promptly.  Fresh stains are easier to remove. Sleep experts recommend you change your bed linens at least once a week, and more often if you sleep in the nude.