Wedding Gowns


A wedding gown is one of the most important and cherished articles of clothing that you will select. We attempt to preserve wedding gowns for the joy of remembrance and the possibility of passing the gown on for future use by members of the family.

The styles of wedding gowns have undergone some fashion changes, but not dramatically. The wedding gown relies on lace and ornamental trimming such as beads, sequins, pearls and droplets to make them unique.

The color is traditionally white but can range from pure white to beige, ivory, off white and ecru. A wedding gown fabric is usually taffeta, satin, peau de soie or faille and occasionally velvet or crepe is used. The fibers commonly used for wedding gowns are acetate, polyester, nylon, rayon, cotton and silk.


When wedding gowns are stored, they should be properly cleaned and free of stains. Use an acid free box with acid free tissue paper. Do not cover or seal with plastic, since this type of storage builds up an acid condition that hastens deterioration. Daisy Dry Cleaning & Laundry would like to emphasize the need to store your gown in a cool, dry place at home. Otherwise oxidation of the fabric will occur.

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